Easter is a week away and the pastels are already flooding the department stores and social feeds. Pastels aren’t colors I wear frequently because they’re not exactly in my color wheel. If you’re not completely sold on pastels like me, here are a few tips to incorporate them into your Easter outfit and your wardrobe:

°If you gravitate towards a certain color [in my case, it’s blue] try and find a piece of clothing in the pastel version of that color.

°If pastels aren’t colors you wear often, purchase a piece that can be versatile and layered. I’ve had this blazer for as long as I can remember because it’s great to wear with darker colors already in my closet. When Easter and spring comes around, I pair it with another pastel to be festive. The more versatile the piece, the less likely the piece is going to sit idle in your closet.

°My last tip is, be true to yourself. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pastel color opt for florals or the trending gingham print this Easter. Whatever makes you feel confident at the end of the day is the most important; however, try not to shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone because you never know what you may end up loving.

I styled a pastel sweater and blazer with my favorite white shorts, light gray bag and minimal nude sandals. I hope you all have a great Easter!

Light blue blazer

Vanessa Renae | How to master patels this Easter

Womens easter outfit

Womens easter outfit idea


Womens light blue blazer

Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Ruched Blazer • Lauren Conrad • $39.99

Womens lilac sweater

Y.A.S Tall Gino Pointelle Light Knitted Sweater • $53

Womens white high waisted shorts

LOVE MOSCHINO Shorts • Love Moschino • $98

Womens nude sandal
Sam & Libby Women’s Sam & Libby Pixie Mid Heel Open Slide Sandals • Sam & Libby • $29.99

Cocovann slip through leather satchel

Cocovann Handbag – $290.00

-Happy Styling-

17 replies on “How to master pastels this Easter

  1. Awesome tips! I’m a huge fan of encouraging my styling clients to step out of the comfort zones with colors and color combos, as colors can really transform the way they feel about their entire wardrobe and look! Totally agree that the more versatile the piece, the more play it gets in your closet 🙂

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