It’s been a pretty amazing summer so far. Even though it’s not my favorite season of apparel, it’s a great time to wear and combine bright, bold colors. For all of the minimalists out there – I get it – you can never go wrong with classic black and white, gray, or even a subtle blush. Whether you have a minimalist style or not, summer is a great time to play around with adding color to your outfits. Wether it’s a bright pink earring with an all black look, or a combination of reds, yellows and teals, you won’t need to worry about being out of your comfort zone because there’s already color everywhere.

I was inspired by this post from an outfit I wore a few weeks back during pride weekend. I was so inspired by all the color and love that I combined some items/colors in my closet that I never would have thought to put together otherwise. I styled a pair of white shorts with a red top, yellow tassel earrings and teal slides.

Bright summer outfit idea

White c

Black studded leather bag

Yellow tassel earrings


red one should top

Red one shoulder top – $13.00

white high waisted shorts

White high waisted short – $52.00

yellow tassel earring

Yellow tassel earring – $19.00

black studded bag

Black studded bag – $30.00

Who what wear teal sandal

Who what wear sandal – $30.00

-Happy Styling-

10 replies on “The best season to incorporate color into your wardrobe

  1. I love this look!!! I’m Canadian so the red and white was something I tried to go for on Canada Day!! I’m someone who loves wearing neutrals but I’ve definitely been trying to branch out this summer!

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