Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend ahead of them. Todays post is inspired by a top I recently purchased from local boutique Clover on High. I walk to work and pass the boutique’s storefront pretty much everyday. I typically do pretty good on the will power to not go in and impulse buy, but recently there was a top in the window display that I immediately fell in love with. The color, pattern, fit and style were all too good to pass up. I knew that I could make some room in my budget for one thing, so I went ahead and got it and couldn’t be happier. This will definitely be one of those tops that I keep for years. In this post I’ve styled the top with denim shorts for a casual summer look. I’m excited to share how I style it for the workplace and a weekend out look.

Budget, fit, fabric quality, re-wear, truly loving, and actually needing a piece of clothing are some of the main factors that get me to buy. What are your rules you set for yourself when shopping? I’d love to hear them!

Levis denim shorts

Summer outfit idea.JPG

JOA tie knot top


Shop women's summer outfits

Striped Tie-Front Wrap Top • Charlotte Russe • $21.99

J.O.A. Off Shoulder Blouse • J.o.a. • $73

JOA Printed Fringe Tank • J.o.a. • $24.97

J.o.a. Cotton Striped One-Shoulder Top • J.o.a. • $79

Levi’s 501 frayed-hem denim shorts • Levi’s • $60

New Look Sports Strap Flatform Sandals • New Look • $42

-Happy Styling-

14 replies on “How to know when to buy that piece of clothing

  1. My number one rule when I’m shopping is this:
    -Can I come up with 3 occasions to wear the piece?
    -Can I come up with 5 places to wear it to?

    If I can do BOTH, it’s a immediate buy. If I can do one or the other, it’s a maybe. If I can do neither but just think it’s pretty, it’s a hard no. It makes shopping so much easier!


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  2. Love your style and curly hair girl! Whenever I go shopping, I usually follow the same rules and always ask myself if the piece is versatile enough for me to wear it with at least 5 outfits!

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