Ohh Monday, sometimes you’re such a struggle. Luckily for my hair the struggle has not been so bad. I can’t believe that back in the day I used to spend hours on hours straightening my hair and would rarely wear it curly. Over the past six years I’ve learned to embrace the heck out of them. Embracing the curls did come as a challenge considering it’s trial and error when figuring out what products work best to keep your locks in check – a.k.a. give me soft, bouncy no frizz curls not hard, crunchy ones that don’t go anywhere.

For some time I was using Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls – it worked wonders and I loved it. Unfortunately, as time goes by your hair can change and the product ended up not working the best for me anymore. After letting my hair stylist know about it, she suggested a line of curl products I should try. On a day when I went in for my typical trim, she put the products in my hair so I could see if I liked them. After waking up the next day I was hooked, so I thought I’d share some of my curly hair tips with you.



Dry comb before you shower

I like to take a wide tooth comb and comb my hair dry pre-shower. As always, start from the bottom and work your way up. Dry combing gets the tangles out before your hair gets wet, which allows less hair to fall out once you’re in the shower [your drain will thank you – sort of, hair still comes out if you’re part Wookiee like me].




Do NOT comb or brush once you’re out of the shower

As much as you’ll want to, don’t comb or brush your hair once you’re out of the shower. I even try not to run my fingers through it. Combing or brushing separates the strands which can cause more frizz once it dries.




Use products that work for you

It can take some time to find products that work for your hair texture, thickness, length etc. I personally use the Regis Design Line Weightless Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Lock Cream. Side note, the two products together are less than $30! Once out of the shower, I spray a generous amount of the leave-in on my hair. Then, I use the curl lock cream and scrunch [not comb through] to keep the conditioning locked in and frizz at bay.

Some people like to use a diffuser, but since I shower at night time I just let it air dry. I use a loose hair tie and put it in a high bun as I sleep so I don’t flatten the curls.

Products for curly hair




Use a satin pillowcase

I’ve been hearing so many things about satin pillow cases lately. Apparently they help keep wrinkles from getting worse because the fabric doesn’t pull at your skin. In addition to that, the smooth fabric also helps your hair not get so frizzy. I’ve been sleeping on my Savvy Sleepers pillow cases for about two weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference! I’m so happy I’ve found this brand because other satin pillow cases were $$$. One Savvy Sleeper pillow case is under $45 which is amazing. The color options are good too!

When I wake up with less frizz [yay face] I take down my curls and they’re typically still a little damp. I reapply some of the curl lock cream and boom, hair done.

White satin pillow cases

*Thank you Savvy Sleepers for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Hair Styling-

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