Hi everyone!

I recently visited my friend Jenny in Utah and two out of the five days I was there we decided to make a road trip to Page, Arizona to visit the ever popular Lower Antelope Canyon. It was such a cool experience that I wanted to share with you the tips for planning your trip.

First things first – Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon?

I read that the upper canyon get’s more light and is known for the sand waterfall and light beams; however, it does get busier than the lower canyon. The lower canyon is deeper which makes the views from the bottom up extraordinary. The lower canyon is also typically less busy, especially during off season. I chose the lower canyon because the pictures and youtube videos I watched of the tour looked amazing – it’s really all about your preference!

When to go

Summer is most definitely the busiest. I love going to places in off season because I hate crowds. So, I thought to myself..November – cool weather and less people – sign me up! Little did I know the week before Thanksgiving was a busy time [lol]. Our tour guide told us that the week before us they had a tour with only two people. I can only imagine how amazing that would be because you don’t have the noise from other tours in front of and behind your group. So, I suggest the first or second week of November/December on a week day.

They say the best time of day to go on the tour of the lower canyon is between 11-1:30 [high noon time] so that a lot of light can get down into the canyon and you can get great pics. If you know it’s going to be busy when you schedule, I would make a reservation between 10:30am and 11:00am. When it’s busy tours can get backed up and you end up not actually getting down into the canyon a good hour and a half to two hours after your reservation time. Our reservation was at 11:20, checked in at 10:50, and didn’t get down into the canyon until 1:15 or so [still had good light though].

Who to book with

I researched some different places but ultimately chose Ken’s Lower Antelope Tours. It’s easy to get to, organized and a good price! A tour is $25.00/person and $8.00/person to park. Make sure you have cash because that’s all they accept!

What to wear and pack

When the sun started shining it felt good. I was wearing jeans, a long sleeve top, sweater, boots and sunglasses and felt fine! However, once your down in the canyon and it’s cooler/shady, I suggest taking extra layers like a scarf, gloves and warmer socks/shoes because my hands and feet got a little chilly. Take a backpack with water and some snacks since you may not know how long you’ll be waiting. They do have some snacks and drinks inside in the waiting area in case you forget to bring any.

Where to stay

We stayed at the Best Western Plus in Page, AZ – it was about $70 for the night and had a free continental breakfast so not too shabby. The drive from the hotel to the tour place was about 10-13min.

Where to eat after

I don’t know about you all but I was hungry when we were done with the tour [lol]. So after the tour we went to this place in Page called Canyon Crepes Cafe. I got a savory crepe and it was delish!

If you’re staying in the area awhile..

I would have loved to visit horseshoe bend or Lake Powell before we left, but we were on a time crunch to get home because my flight left early the next day. So, if you have the time I suggest stopping by those places too.

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon tour

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon

Canyon crepe cafe

-Happy Traveling-


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