As I write this I already wish I could teleport back. As you all know, I recently went on vacation to Tulum. It was such an amazing, active, local living-like vacation. Not only was the trip budget friendly [$1,800 for flights, transportation, stay, food, activities etc.], but it also had the same time zone as home [Ohio] so that was an added bonus. As with any trip, there are some things that may turn out meh [specifically food] and some things that turn out great. I’m going to share with you places I think you should visit if you ever decide to travel to Tulum.

We booked our flights into Cancun where we then took a private shuttle directly to our AirBnB. There are taxis but if you’re spending that kind of money take a private shuttle. There’s also a bus that leaves the airport that’s Super cheap, but I don’t like waiting so another reason why we took the shuttle.

We stayed in an AirBnB that was absolutely amazing. Our host, Vanda, was so helpful and very responsive to our texts when we had questions. The AirBnB came with two free bikes which were perfect because we biked everywhere. We had a kitchen, so it was nice to relax and make breakfast at home before we decided to adventure out to town or the beaches which were only a ten minute ride. There are plenty of beach front properties as well if you’d prefer to stay at one of those [Coco Tulum, Hip hotel]. Next time I visit, I definitely want to try beach front. It may not be as cheap, but from what I saw would be worth it!

Snaps from the AirBnb:

Tulum airbnb

Billabong bikini

Now, on to places I think are noteworthy to visit..


There is a beach attached to a restaurant called Zamas. It was my favorite beach we visited because it had the least people [lol]. One side of the beach was a little rocky but the other was perfect for swimming once you got a little toasty from the sun.

Snaps from Zamas beach:

Paradise beach was of course busier, but bigger with whiter sand and better swimming water. It was absolutely gorgeous – I highly suggest visiting this one!

Snap from Paradise Beach:

Paradise beach tulum


This was my favorite part [obviously]. One of the perks of not staying at an all-inclusive is being able to eat alllll the food. However, a lot of the resorts have restaurants attached to them that the public can eat at, so I’m sure if you stay at a beach front resort the food is still bomb.

Malevo had the most amazing octopus tostadas.

El Bacaro had some amazing Italian seafood and a Passionfruit Caipirinha that was to die for.

Raw Love bar had an atmosphere and chocolate cake that made me feel like I was on another planet.

BOA beach club was a hidden gem we didn’t think was a restaurant but was. The atmosphere was amazing, the calamari and steak dishes were delicious, and I’m not ordering a margarita anywhere else ever again.

BOA beach club tulum

Ojo de Agua had the best ribeye tacos I’m sure I’ll ever have in my lifetime.

ojo de agua tulum

ribeye tacos


What I loved about Tulum is that there was so much to do. Between biking/exploring town, checking out cenotes and adventuring to the ruins, I feel like we only did a quarter of what was out there.

The Ruins – this was probably my favorite place we visited. The energy you felt when you walked into the ruins was insane. It’s like a calm, peaceful quiet feeling even though there’s lot’s of people roaming about. The structures were not only beautiful, but the fact the whole town was on a cliff overlooking the ocean made it extraordinary. We didn’t book a tour, just paid for our tickets and went roaming about on our own. If you want a beach day in a unique spot, this place has one!

Snaps of the ruins:

The Gran Cenote was a must-see I read about before going on the trip. I’ll be totally honest with you – I was a little underwhelmed. There were a lot of people, the water wasn’t as clear or bright as I thought it would be, and it was really chilly in the water. If anything it just made me want to go on a full blown snorkel tour out in the ocean. I was kind of bummed it was how we spent our last day, but it was still a cool experience.

Snaps of the cenote:

The Mayan Clay Spa was a total #treatyoself during our stay. We took a cab there because me relaxed after a massage riding a bike = a likely crash. I chose this spa because it was affordable [especially for 90 minutes] and I was intrigued by the clay situation. They let you tell them where you’d like the clay which is nice. I had it all over my stomach, back, arms, face and hair. Once you’re done with the massage you go down into these showers to rinse kind of feel exposed but it’s not so bad because you’re surrounded by bamboo and trees and all the goodness of nature. I highly suggest this as a cool relaxing experience.

Snaps of the spa:


We were in our AirBnb by 9pm watching Netflix and in bed by midnight so you might want to checkout trip advisor for this one [lol]. It worked out that we didn’t want to be out at night because it stormed pretty bad every night we were there. Be weary of rain. Cheers to being exhausted from all of the day exploring!

-Happy Traveling-

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