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Did you know that Columbus, Ohio is the 3rd largest fashion capital in the U.S.? Not only that, it’s home to a lot of great local and non-local businesses you can shop at. I was raised to shop at sale racks and trips to the outlet malls always took precedent over the normal malls. As I got older, trips to outlet malls diminished as I took to online shopping. To be honest, I thought outlet malls basically had the same stuff I could get online during good sales, hence, why I haven’t been to an outlet mall in years.

Little did I know, the Tanger Outlets offer so much more than just a standard discount. Rewards points, coupon books, in-store sales etc., can get you deals that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. The best part is that if you do find a better deal, they’ll match it!

Retailer wise, I love that they have a lot of the shops I typically go to. Gap, Express, Loft, Banana Republic, American Eagle, just to name a few. There are also stores that I wouldn’t typically shop at due to price such as Coach, Michael Kors etc., but given the deals Tanger offers I feel like I can actually treat myself to those retailers!

I had the best time perusing the shops at an event Tanger hosted for me and a lot of other local bloggers. I found the most amazing throw blanket, duster cardigan and blouses.

Tanger outlet mall Columbus Ohio

Tanger outlets columbus, ohio

Tanger outlets Columbus, Ohio

Tanger outlet deals

Tanger outlets columbus, ohio

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Photography: Derks Works

Do you shop at outlet malls? I’d love to know! If you’re ever in Columbus, I’d definitely check out Tanger because the selection is on point.

*Thank you Tanger Outlets for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Shopping-




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