Ever since I was little I’ve had a love for designing my bedroom. Literally for my birthday I’d ask for a bedroom makeover instead of other things. With that said, now that I’m older and paying for it myself, I’m going to share some easy and affordable ways to transform your bedroom.

1 Adjust your pillow situation

Pillows with pillow covers are one of the best ways to alter the design of your bedroom. Previously I had a lighter theme with the pillows and I recently switched them out with these gorgeous Dekowe pillow covers. The dark green hues and fun prints really pop against the white bedspread.

Dark green velvet pillow covers


Forest green velvet pillow cover from $45

Dekowe green velvet pillowPrinted pillow cover from $35

Dekowe printed pillow cover

2 Change out your throw blanket

Before I had a blue striped throw blanket. I switched it out for a geometric throw from Kirklands. The pop of black played well with other accents in the room and the print complimented the print of the pillow.

Dekowe velvet pillow covers

3 Ditch the bedskirt & adjust your rug

I had a white bedskirt that was looking pretty drab. I ditched the bedskirt and scooted the rug a little farther under the bed to give the illusion of more space.

Modern bedroom decor

Boho bedroom decor

4 Add a plant

Plants can do more than just update decor, they often times provide air purifying and anti-bug properties. I purchased my first plant baby and I love it. Can’t wait to see him grow 🙂

Snake plant

*Thank you Dekowe pillows or sponsoring this post.

-Happy decorating-

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