The Art of Solo Female Traveling

“Aren’t you scared?”, “Why would you want to travel alone?”, “That is so weird”. These are just some of the unwelcome statements a solo female traveler has to endure from her family and friends whenever she feels like taking on a grand road trip adventure all on her own. But, why is that? Should solo travel be regarded as something out of the ordinary?

Of course not, and in fact, it might just be the single greatest decision of your life. Not only is solo travel the epitome of personal freedom, but it’s also wildly exciting, empowering, and infinitely rewarding for a bold young (or not so young, of course) woman. With that in mind, it’s time to tune out the haters and embark on your very own solo adventure of a lifetime.

It all begins with careful research

Let’s not kid ourselves by thinking the world around us is all sunshine and rainbows, ladies. In fact, the world can be a pretty nasty place, especially for a woman traveling all on her own. Not only will the patriarchal society try to take advantage of you no matter where you go, but there could be physical dangers lurking in the shadows as well. This doesn’t mean that you should get all scared and abandon your dream; quite the contrary, this simply means that you should act smart.

Planning a trip by yourself

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The keyword here is safety. You want to research your destination in order to find the sightseeing hotspots you want to visit, yes, but the research should begin by investigating the safety of your destination. How welcoming is the local culture to solo women? What is the local policy regarding tourists, and women in general? Should you expect to be treated as an equal there? Are there any places you should stay clear of? What are the safety precautions you need to follow? Let these questions help you decide where it is and where it isn’t safe to travel.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Traveling solo doesn’t mean being all alone, remember that. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to meet new, exciting people during your exploits, so prepare for a whole lotta fun and partying with people from around the world. This goes especially for you gals that choose to stay at a hostel, preferably in a dorm where you can meet some exciting folk.

This can be a good thing, but can have its downsides as well. If you’re sociable and really want to meet new people, then you’re bound to have a blast. On the other hand, there are people who truly want to be alone on this journey, and if you’re one of them, then you’re better off booking a private room.

Make a detailed itinerary

Right, sightseeing. Look, there is only so much a girl imbued with never-ending wanderlust can manage to see on a single trip, especially if you’re traveling to an urban hotspot like Sydney, for instance, filled to the brim with exciting places, people, and events. This is why you need a detailed itinerary to guide you throughout and help you stay on schedule – it will mean the difference between having a blast and wandering around aimlessly.

So, note down your must-see places. For instance, if you’re a gal who appreciates fine liquor, why not add a few out-of-the-box stops to your itinerary? A visit to the Archie Rose whiskey distillery in Sydney is a must for every whiskey lover traveling around Australia, which is simultaneously an interesting educational tour enriched with a menu of delicious sips. You can also visit some of Australia’s boutique wineries out in the outback in order to experience the best sights and sips in the Land Down Under.

Female solo traveling

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Stay like a local, live like a local

If you’re a gal traveling alone, you might feel safer at a hotel, but the modern couch-surfing or private accommodation culture is so well-regulated nowadays that you should actually feel safer renting out a place all to yourself.

Platforms such as Airbnb offer a vast array of amazing accommodation options for a female traveler and you can pick and choose a room or an entire downtown apartment that suits your personal style and flair. So, don’t be a tourist, be a traveler.

Keep your friends and family posted

Last but not least, there is no need to be “under the radar” during your exploits. In fact, as a solo female traveler, you want to keep your friends and family posted regularly on your activities and whereabouts. This will not only help everyone feel a bit easier about your upcoming trip, but it will also allow you to safely plan an adventure of a lifetime with little to no limitations.

Traveling solo is a wonderful experience, and nobody should stand in the way of your dreams of traveling the world on your terms. If you were on the fence about it before, let this simple guide help you find the drive and passion to fuel your never-ending wanderlust.

-Happy Traveling-

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