Hello fellow fashion lovers!

I’m Vanessa.

Over the passed few years I’d say my style and the way I shop has matured immensely. I always used to be so concerned about what other people would have and would always want the latest and greatest. Now, rather than impulsive [frequent] purchases, I make smarter decisions when it comes to what I put in my closet. I care more about re-wear, quality and if the piece fits in my budget.

How did I end up on social media and with this site? Well, working at a creative agency I had a little free reign when it would come to what I would wear to work [still keeping it professional, obviously] and would send my friends snap chats of my outfits. All of my friends said I should start a fashion Instagram and so I did, which has led me to this site!

My social media accounts focus on outfit posts where you will see repeating pieces often. When I first started I was a little nervous thinking “Oh no, I can’t wear that same thing in more than one picture and I will need to shop more.” Fortunately enough, starting this has allowed me to shop less and just be more creative with what I’ve got. The creative process of styling is what I love most and even though you can see that through photos I post, I wanted to create this site to give you all a little more detail around why I styled something the way I did in hopes that you can use those ideas with your own wardrobe.

-Happy Styling-