Skincare routine for combination skin

I’ve been dabbling into skincare routine exploration since I was about 26. Sure, back in the day I’d use some pretty generic moisturizers etc. But, it wasn’t until I was around 26 where I started researching serums, masks and the like.

After much trial and error, I’m going to share with you my current skincare routine that I love and is not over-the-top expensive. I have combination / sensitive skin. So, finding products that don’t cause redness and keep my skin balanced are important.

**One thing to keep in mind is that I do not wear any type of cream/powder foundation or concealers. Bare face is the new face ya’ll. From reviews I read when looking into the products, makeup sets pretty good on top of the stuff I’m about to share.

Day skincare routine

Daytime skincare routine for combination skin

My daytime regimen consists of the: Cosmedix Purity Clean face wash $39; Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum $23; I’m From Ginseng Serum $21; Klairs Vitamin E moisturizer $27; Dr. Brandt no more baggage eye cream $42; Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence $23.

Now, these things added up equals about $175. However, all of these products last me about 4-6 months. This means you have a skincare regimen for about $30-$40/month. Not too shabby right? Right.

The face wash keeps my breakouts at bay. The soothing serum keeps my face redness down. The ginseng serum, vitamin e moisturizer and sunscreen keep my dry winter skin hydrated without making it greasy. The eye cream I received in a Fab Fit Fun box, so currently testing it out.

I know layering on multiple products seems like a chore. But when I tried to find products that did it all, my skin would get all kinds of imbalanced. Instead, I focus on simple products that I combine together. Korean skincare is what’s up, folks.

Night skincare routine

Night time skincare routine for combination skin

My night time skincare routine is pretty similar. I use: the same face wash, Coconut oil to remove my eye make up $16; Klairs midnight blue youth activating drops $30; LUA beam eye oil $21; AHAVA hydration cream mask $33.

I got the face mask in a Fab Fit Fun box. I use the face mask at night for extra hydration. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t clog my pores. The LUA beam eye oil I use at night because it keeps the skin around my eye really hydrated. I can’t wear it during the day because it makes my mascara fall off.

I hope what I’ve shared helps you find products that work for your combination/sensitive skin, and at roughly $60/mo fits within your budget.

-Happy age preventing-

best products for combination skin

Skincare tips while traveling to maintain glowing skin

Regardless of the season, if you’re getting ready to pack your bags, you’ll want to think about skincare and here we’ll talk about skincare tips while traveling. Pressurized air cabins and changes in humidity at your destination can wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s important to give your hands and face some extra TLC before, during, and after your adventure. Read on to learn how to enjoy your vacation with healthy, glowing skin.

 Prepare Before You Leavetravel skincare kit

Just as you prepare yourself mentally and practically before you travel, you also need to prepare your skin. Two days before leaving is the perfect time to exfoliate so you can start your trip with clean, fresh skin cells. Don’t go too hard on this one, however. A gentle face scrub is more than enough to slough off those dead skin cells and allow your favorite moisturizer to penetrate into the deeper layers.

Your Travel Skincare Kit

Once your face is daisy-fresh, it’s time to pack your skincare travel kit. For this, you’re going to want a liquid-tight, canvas cosmetics bag that won’t let your creams and oils escape and ruin your clothes. Using small screw-top bottles, empty enough of each of your skincare essentials into each bottle to keep you covered for the number of days you will be away from home. You might want to label these to make sure you know what they are!

Research Carry-On Limits Beforehand

When packing your carry-on bag, be sure to check the airline information for carry-on liquid limits so that the items you want with you on the plane will be allowed to pass through TSA security. There’s nothing worse than suffering from uncomfortable, dry skin throughout the flight because you had to discard your skincare products before boarding!

 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

 Which products do you really need while away? The most important thing you’ll need to do for skincare while traveling is to keep up your moisture levels. If you have an oily skin type, you may be tempted to think that the dry, air-conditioned cabin air will help to keep oil production down. The truth is that if your skin doesn’t receive enough moisture, it can tend to ramp up the oil production to compensate for water loss. It’s better to use a misting spray or light moisturizer and then soak up any oil with blotting paper.

Here’s a quick-reference list for products to have on hand on the plane:

BYO Specialty Skincare Products

If there are any specialty skincare products that you might not be able to buy at your destination (for example creams and treatments for sensitive skin), be sure to take these either in your hand or checked luggage. For those who want to avoid chemical soaps at airports and hotels, a bar of all-natural mini travel soap will be the final essential to have in your carry-on bag.

Plan for a Fun, Comfortable Flight

Your flight is the start of your adventure, so why not make every moment count? Instead of staring out the window and watching the clouds pass by, plan ahead and give yourself something to look forward to on the way. On a short flight, it’s easy to stay entertained with games your cell phone (in flight mode) or a good book. For longer flights, get yourself some travel comfort gear and follow these tips for staying comfortable on a long flight.

 Sun Safety in Every Climatecute plaid top

Once you arrive, take advantage of the opportunity to change into some fresh clothing that will keep you comfortable at your destination. This is also a good chance to dab on some light makeup (you want to let your skin breathe as much as possible while on vacation) and some 30+ sunscreen.

No matter whether you’re going on a sun-and-sand vacation in Mexico or a ski trip to Japan, it’s easy to get burnt if you’re not careful! Sun rays reflect off sand, concrete, and snow and can still burn you on a cloudy day. To protect your skin in the sun, lather up with some non-toxic mineral sunscreen before heading out each day and wear a trendy brimmed hat, long clothing, and cute sunglasses.

 Nourish and Hydrate from the InsideEat your way to glowing skin

The last tip for healthy, glowing skin while traveling is to nourish your skin from the inside. Oily and fatty processed foods contribute to inflammation in the body, which can result in skin outbreaks and irritation. In contrast, fruits, vegetables, quality proteins, and healthy fats give your skin the building blocks it needs to renew and repair. A wholesome, nourishing diet can even help to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles!

As you go sightseeing and relaxing by the pool, keep sipping on water and herbal tea throughout the day to keep up your hydration. Along with frequent moisturizing, this is the best way to keep your skin smooth and beautiful!

If you are still deciding what to do and need some travel inspiration, check out The Art of Solo Female Traveling and Lake Tahoe Girls’ Weekend on a Budget.

-Happy Traveling-

About the Author:

Tess DiNapoli is a freelance writer and advocate for clean, healthy and balanced lifestyles. She writes about developments in health and wellness, along with natural skincare and beauty products. 

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The serum that reduced my face redness

Hello friends!

If you’ve been blessed by the wonderful gene of face redness – I feel your pain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t complain compared to those who have rosacea or other more severe skin issues – but, it’s still a struggle.

For me, it’s when my adrenaline kicks in, if I drink any alcohol, eat spicy food, public speak, etc. etc. My cheeks, forehead and chest OH MY. The redness is real. I’ve tried sprays and rosacea creams, but none worked that well.

I’ve been really into Korean beauty products lately and stumbled upon something called the “Angry skin” line by Klairs. I read about the serum specifically and decided to give it a whirl. So far I’m loving it. It’s not helping my chest redness all that much, but has drastically helped reduce the redness on my face [without causing breakouts or oily skin]. During the cooler months I wouldn’t get any redness but now that it’s summer, I apply it more than once a day to keep the redness down. The best part is that it’s under $30 and has lasted me months! [image via Soko Glam]

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum – $19

Klairs soothing serum

-Happy redness reducing-

Why you should use a jade ice roller

I’m going to share with you the latest beauty buy that I’ve grown quite fond of. One thing we all struggle with in the morning is puffiness. Face, eyes, cheeks, all the puffy. Over the past few months I’ve seen people post a lot about ice rollers. So, I decided to upgrade from the ice pack I’d shove on my face. I started to research ice roller options and I wanted the ice roller to have more benefits than just a frozen piece of metal. I also wanted something that varied in size and worked on the larger areas of my face and the smaller areas like my eyes.

I’ve been really into Asian beauty because I love how much they incorporate benefits from the earth. Alas, I discover the jade roller. I bought it about 3 months ago so I could really test it out and see if I like it and I’m excited to report back.

What are the benefits?

Per the Mount Lai site:

Improves blood circulation

Reduces puffiness and inflammation of skin

Promotes lymphatic drainage Relieves facial and jaw tension

How do you use it?

Per the Mount Lai site:

Start in the middle of the face and roll outwards across the cheeks.

Move to the eyebrows and roll upwards across the forehead.

Move below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.

Use the smaller end for more delicate areas and harder to reach places, use the larger end for broad surfaces.

Before and after

Right when I woke up [puffy AF] → Right after using the jade roller [eyes less puffy] → 30 minutes after using the jade roller [by the time I got to work]

ice roller before and after

My everyday makeup look is my morning skincare routine [serums+SPF moisturizer+eye cream] and mascara.

Overall, I’m digging it and you can’t beat the price! I store it in the freezer in it’s box and use it while I drink my morning coffee.

Shop the jade roller 

Mount Lai Jade Roller – $34.00

Jade roller

-Happy Age Preventing-

Why you need an eye cream in your skincare routine

Okay everyone – let’s talk eye care. I’m not a huge makeup buff, but skincare I have a huge love/hate relationship with. I love being able to use products that help my natural skin feel and look it’s best, but finding those right products can be expensive and even sometimes not work well with your skin [i.e. hello $80 hives/breakouts].

I’m going to be completely transparent with you, one of the perks of blogging is that brands reach out to you to collaborate and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. In my case, the brand VII Code reached out to me about their eye cream. Like every other brand, I do my research to make sure I like what I see at face value and ensure I like the product after testing. I agreed to work with them and they sent me their T2 3.0 eye cream I’ve been using for about a month now.

Why you should use eye cream

The skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face, so it needs a different kind of product and attention. Rubbing, tugging, wiping, all of that can really strain and stretch the skin around your eyes, so, you not only need a cream because the skin around the eye is delicate, you need to be aware of how delicate you are with your eyes. When I apply eye cream, I dab a tiny bit on my ring finger then gently pat in quick motions under the eye, on the side and on the eyelid. Sometimes I bend over to get some blood/oxygen running to my head too!

Why I love VII Code T2

Reduced my dark circles and puffy eyes [I don’t have crows feet that bad yet, so I can’t speak to that].

Not sticky, sits well on days I need to use a little concealer [I don’t cake on the concealer, so I can’t speak to the ladies who wear a little more].

Derived from natural ingredients – I have sensitive skin, and in general try to use natural body, hair and skincare products – this cream doesn’t irritate my eyes at all!

A little goes a long way – I’ve been using the small 5ml jar [$99] and I think it will probably last me two months! I don’t mind paying for stuff that works because it’s hard to come by.

Works for any age – I started getting into skincare/anti-aging stuff when I was about 26. There’s no shame in starting early! I love how this product is gentle enough for someone my age [29] but powerful enough for someone older as well.

Eye cream that reduces puffiness

Eye cream for dark circles

The best eye cream for your 20s

VII Code eye cream


Get $3.00 off using code IQK7VT2H

VII Code 3.0 Eye Cream

VII Code 3.0 eye cream

-Happy Age Preventing-

*Thank you VII Code for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Found: every day skin essentials that work

Hello my friends!

Over the past few years I’ve been really into skincare. I’m all about improving your natural skin so that makeup is just an afterthought. I’ve dabbled into a few different brands like Tula, Mario Badescu, Origins, and No.7. It’s been hard for me to find serums and moisturizers that don’t clog my skin, cause breakouts or irritation. It’s also a balance to try and find skincare that’s for my age – you know, more preventative than the intense stuff for when you’re older. I came across Cyantific, a skincare brand that leverages blue-green algae (a powerhouse at blocking UV rays) and fell in love with it after one or two weeks of use. Now I know what you’re thinking – ugh, how much is it. Well, you can get the serum, day and night moisturizers for $100 and they will easily last you two months, maybe more. So, $50/mo for a daily skincare regimen? Yes please! Also, you can use code VANESSARENAE to get 30% off your purchase.

Cyantific skincare



This is the best serum I’ve used. It’s light, doesn’t clog my pores or cause breakouts. I’ve noticed a definite change with how bright and even my skin tone and texture has gotten over the past 5 weeks.


This daily lotion is my second favorite item of the set. It’s also light and doesn’t clog my pores. I may need to add an extra layer of moisture once the weather gets colder. During the winter, I typically like to use a dab of almond oil on my face before applying everything else. The daily moisturizer also has SPF which is a MUST for age prevention.


The night cream was definitely different from what I’ve previously used. My skin had a super mild tingly feeling when I put it on at night after the shower. Don’t be worried, even if your skin has that tingly reaction, there will be no visible reaction [like redness] and the tingling goes away after a minute or two [at least for me].

Overall, I think I’ve finally found my go-to serum and moisturizers. There’s something about combining from the same brand/line that I think makes it way more effective. I’m excited I found a brand/line where Each item works for me, not just one of them. If a few months go by and I don’t notice a difference in the fine lines on my forehead, I might add another type of night cream or serum to the mix – but other than that, I am a happy lady!

What’s your go-to skin routine? If you haven’t been able to find one yet, this brand may just be for you! You can use code VANESSARENAE to get 30% off your entire purchase!

*Thank you Cyantific Skincare for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Age Preventing-



Tips for frizz free curls

Ohh Monday, sometimes you’re such a struggle. Luckily for my hair the struggle has not been so bad. I can’t believe that back in the day I used to spend hours on hours straightening my hair and would rarely wear it curly. Over the past six years I’ve learned to embrace the heck out of them. Embracing the curls did come as a challenge considering it’s trial and error when figuring out what products work best to keep your locks in check – a.k.a. give me soft, bouncy no frizz curls not hard, crunchy ones that don’t go anywhere.

For some time I was using Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls – it worked wonders and I loved it. Unfortunately, as time goes by your hair can change and the product ended up not working the best for me anymore. After letting my hair stylist know about it, she suggested a line of curl products I should try. On a day when I went in for my typical trim, she put the products in my hair so I could see if I liked them. After waking up the next day I was hooked, so I thought I’d share some of my curly hair tips with you.



Dry comb before you shower

I like to take a wide tooth comb and comb my hair dry pre-shower. As always, start from the bottom and work your way up. Dry combing gets the tangles out before your hair gets wet, which allows less hair to fall out once you’re in the shower [your drain will thank you – sort of, hair still comes out if you’re part Wookiee like me].




Do NOT comb or brush once you’re out of the shower

As much as you’ll want to, don’t comb or brush your hair once you’re out of the shower. I even try not to run my fingers through it. Combing or brushing separates the strands which can cause more frizz once it dries.




Use products that work for you

It can take some time to find products that work for your hair texture, thickness, length etc. I personally use the Regis Design Line Weightless Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Lock Cream. Side note, the two products together are less than $30! Once out of the shower, I spray a generous amount of the leave-in on my hair. Then, I use the curl lock cream and scrunch [not comb through] to keep the conditioning locked in and frizz at bay.

Some people like to use a diffuser, but since I shower at night time I just let it air dry. I use a loose hair tie and put it in a high bun as I sleep so I don’t flatten the curls.

Products for curly hair




Use a satin pillowcase

I’ve been hearing so many things about satin pillow cases lately. Apparently they help keep wrinkles from getting worse because the fabric doesn’t pull at your skin. In addition to that, the smooth fabric also helps your hair not get so frizzy. I’ve been sleeping on my Savvy Sleepers pillow cases for about two weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference! I’m so happy I’ve found this brand because other satin pillow cases were $$$. One Savvy Sleeper pillow case is under $45 which is amazing. The color options are good too!

When I wake up with less frizz [yay face] I take down my curls and they’re typically still a little damp. I reapply some of the curl lock cream and boom, hair done.

White satin pillow cases

*Thank you Savvy Sleepers for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Hair Styling-