An easy way to get out of a wardrobe rut

We’ve all been there. We look at our closets and think “bluck, everything looks the same.” We also look at our wallets and think “bluck, I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new wardrobe.”

Well, I have a super easy tip to get you out of a wardrobe / outfit rut:

Buy one or two things in a color you don’t own.

Now, I know what you might be thinking “I look crazy in emerald green, so, pipe down you redheaded fool.” But hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

I personally never thought I could pull off the color lavender. I tried a lavender top on at Marshall’s and ended up loving it. When I wore the top out I got a lot of compliments about how good I looked in it!

So, for you, a few things to keep in mind:

  • The style and fit matters more than the color

You want a piece of clothing that is flattering and you feel confident in first. If you typically look good in wrap tops, find a wrap top in a color you don’t own. If you feel good wearing the style, you’ll more than likely feel good wearing the new color.

  • Go solid

Prints are always fun to add to our wardrobe, but we want the new primary color to stand out. Find a solid piece that has fabric details such as pleating, ruching etc. The top I chose had some slight puff in the sleeves. The more basic with subtle details, the more likely you’re able to wear it again by mixing and matching with items you already own.

  • Make sure the color works with other pieces you own

You found your new color – great! But unfortunately lime green only goes with one pair of pants that you typically only wear in the fall. Yeah, we don’t want that. Find a color that’s new, but also goes with other pieces you have. For example, you bought a sweater in a new color for fall. Does it pair well with your Jackets? Pants? Boots? Can you create three outfits with this new sweater? If you can, great. If you can’t, you might want to try and find another color.

  • Ease into it

Now, I’m not saying go bold or go home – there are plenty of shades out there to choose from. I don’t own anything purple, but couldn’t pull the trigger on something PURRRPLE. Hence, why I opted into the more subtle lavender color.

What new color are you thinking about getting?

Date night outfit

Women's black leather pants

Lavender top


Womens lavender tops

 Urban Outfitters UO The Mom V-Neck Tee • Urban Outfitters • $20

BELLE + SKY Belle + Sky Smocked Sleeve Blouse • BELLE + SKY • $11.10

We The Free South Side Thermal Top • We The Free • $68

Naked Zebra Halter V-Cutout Tank Top • Naked Zebra • $19.97

Tiered Ruffle Blouse • Ella Moss • $39.98

Forever 21 Boxy High-Low Shirt • Forever 21 • $14.90

-Happy Styling-


2018 Wardrobe Boot Camp – What to Keep and Cull

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s how the saying goes. We’re virtually all in the same boat, although some more than others. Following certain trends is inevitable, and very few of us are immune to the appeal of the new. However, all good (or debatable) things must come to an end, and unfortunately, many of the trends we enjoyed and rocked relentlessly in 2017 didn’t make the cut.

That’s the thing about trends – they’re called trends for a reason, the reason being they’re fleeting, and as soon as something new and perhaps improved steps onto the stage, it sends the old into the land we like to call “outdated”. This is precisely why you need to sit down and set your wardrobe straight. Take the time to curate your wardrobe, see what needs to go, what can be spared for now, and which new additions are due. Let’s do this.

Whimsical vs. Meaningful

If you’ve got an entire stash of tops with whimsical prints like “shopping is my cardio” or just “donuts,” it’s time to take them out, donate or repurpose them. The printed tops are not a thing of the past, far from it, but in the era of increasing awareness on social and equality issues, meaningful prints take center stage, which makes things along the lines of “the future is female” and similar quotes appear on the runways of powerhouses like Dior. You’ll still retain a touch of whimsy but also send a strong message, which is always desired.

The future is female tee

Frilly vs. Elegant

The festive and sultry vibe of the off-the-shoulder dresses and tops was hard to resist, so you probably ended up with a plethora of playful, ruffled items of this variety. We’re sorry to have to be the ones to tell you that the look is slowly making it’s way out the door. Instead of the playful frills, adopt a more sophisticated approach in the form of asymmetrical necklines. Spotted in the collections of Altuzarra, Isabel Marant and numerous other designers, this neckline is captivating with its level of sophistication, while it still leaves just enough skin exposed for you to show your sensual side.

Ruffle off the shoulder top

Skinny vs. Chic

We’re not exactly saying you should give up on your perfect pair of skinny jeans. What we are saying is that wide leg pants, culottes and even flared jeans are not only in style, leaving the skinny cut behind, but they’re also far more flattering on a variety of body types. You can still rock your skinny ones from time to time, but it might be best to go over your collection and make some cuts – everything that doesn’t flatter and fit you perfectly should go, and cuts that allow for more movement and are more complimentary should be made a priority.

Skinny vs. chic

The age of empowerment

As we are, just now, living in the age of female empowerment, it comes as no surprise that one of the most powerful trends with the biggest staying power is the suit. Whether it’s fitted or oversized is irrelevant, as there are so many wonderful cuts. So if you already own one, make sure you keep it. Crop tops and body-hugging pencil skirts are sexy, but is there anything better than a woman who looks both polished and sexy and the same time? Didn’t think so.

Womens power suit

The end of an era

With an increasing number of designers and brands vowing to stay away from fur, it’s safe to say that for real fur, this is the end of the road. No more Gucci fur slippers and pom-poms. Now is the time to accessorize responsibly, so let go of the fur and embrace the new age of textile accessories which aren’t only environmentally responsible, but way classier. Neck scarves, head wraps and turbans will be going strong this season, and as they were popular decades ago, chances are they’ll be here for the long haul.

Womens statement earrings

Fisherman vs. French girl

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the bucket hat trend is gone. Bring out the fedoras which will never go out of style, along with all the cute and sophisticated berets that will make any French girl envious.

Women's french girl hat

Comfort vs. Style

The last trend on its way out is the extremely uncomfortable sky-high heel trend. It’s not that those high-heels will ever lose their visual appeal, and we’re definitely not telling you to throw all your pumps and stilettos away. However, with dad sneakers being one of the most popular, not to mention comfortable trends of the season, who would want to suffer in heels when such a cozy alternative is calling out to you? Hold on to your sneakers, because thanks to the continuous rise of the athleisure trend, they will be here for you for many seasons to come.

Chic comfortable outfit

Parting ways with items you’ve loved for a year, sometimes longer, is difficult, that’s certain. But after you come to understand that by letting go you’re actually making room for future greatness, that understanding makes the process a whole lot easier. Don’t be afraid, just do it. Images sourced via Pinterest.

Thank you Amy, a contributing author to High Style Life, for creating this post!

-Happy Styling-

The print that will never go out of style

This post was inspired by a lot of other bloggers I follow. Lately, and maybe because it’s fall, I’ve been seeing leopard print flats, heels and booties on almost everyone. Of course, there’s a reason why. Leopard print, in my opinion, is a print that will never go out of style, especially on shoes. Whether the shoe is fully covered in the print or only has a small touch of it, a leopard print shoe is a great closet staple to have. I styled my favorite leopard bootie with destroyed jeans, a fringe jacket and striped sweater.

Black fringe jacket

Ray-ban round sunglasses

Cute fall outfit


Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.42.48 AM.png

Dune London Leopard Print Pointed Heeled Shoes • Dune London • $111

Massimo Matteo – Leopard Pump High Heels • $120

Rodney d’Orsay Flat • Sam Edelman • $100–120

ASOS MARTHA Wide Fit Pointed Flat Shoes • Asos • $24

Kinzey Kitten Heel Bootie • Sam Edelman • $110–140

Rockport Total Motion 75mm Pointy Toe Layer Bootie • Rockport • $75.98–75.99

-Happy Styling-

Vintage Chanel blazer

How often do you shop vintage? I would shop vintage a ton back in the day but don’t so much anymore. It’s hard to come across vintage pieces that you know you’ll love and will hold up for more than just a year.

I found this vintage Chanel blazer about four years ago and to this day it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I’m not sure how old it is, but the style, fit and detail are so timeless that I don’t think it will ever leave my closet!

For this look, I styled the vintage blazer with a pair of the comfiest pants from VAEWARD, a sweater and pumps. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white look.

Chic black and white outfit

White cross body bag

Classic black and white outfit


 Chanel Vintage Tweed Blazer • Chanel • $258.75

Urban Outfitters UO Benny Fuzzy Mock-Neck Sweater • Urban Outfitters • $49

Polly Piped Jogger Trouser • Monsoon • $52.50

Women’s Michael Michael Kors ‘Nathalie Flex’ Half D’Orsay Pump • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $99–110

Women’s Broren Quilted Crossbody Bag -Black/White • Aldo • $54.95

Le Specs Half Moon Magic Sunglasses • Le Specs • $59

-Happy Styling-

The best fall colors to have in your closet

Hello my friends!

I hope you’re all enjoying the season change. One day it’s cold in Ohio, the next it’s 73 degrees. We’ll see if cooler fall temps keep up from here on out. One thing I love about fall are the earthy tones you see not only in nature, but in people’s wardrobes. Out of all the fall colors, there are ones imperative to have in your closet. What are those colors, you ask? Burgundy, olive and black are great colors to have in your wardrobe because they go with almost everything, and look good on almost everyone. Tobi has some gorgeous fall-colored tops in styles that you’ll be sure to get compliments on.

Continue reading to see how I styled a few of Tobi’s fall-inspired tops.

The color, floral print and lace up detail of this burgundy top is too good! I layered a white tank under the blouse and paired it with a dark green jacket, jeans and brown slouchy boots.

Tobi floral top

Tobi floral blouse


Tobi burgundy floral top


Fall outfit idea

I love the color olive because you can pair it with dark or bright colors. For this look I styled an olive blouse that has gorgeous flare and pleat detail with culottes, a leather jacket and statement accessories.

olive green pleated blouse

Tan suede culottes

Fall outfit inspiration

SHOP THE TOP Tobi olive green top


Fall styling tips


You can never go wrong with black. It’s a classic color that you can wear with everything day or night. I styled this not-so-basic v-neck by layering it with a sweater, suede jacket and leather bottoms.

Tan suede jacket

Layering tips for fall


Open back vneck top


fall outfit idea

Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Styling-

Edgy work outfit idea

Not everyone has the opportunity to dress creatively at work; however, some do. When it comes to edgy work outfits you want them to be unique and stylish, but still portray professionalism.

One way to create an edgy work outfit is to play up the classics. For this look, I styled a timeless black blazer with black wide leg pants, a leather jacket, graphic tee, colorful booties and statement accessories.

How do you add style to your every day work outfit?

Womens graphic tee

Edgy work outfit idea

Work outfit idea

SHOP THE LOOK ⇓Cute work outfit idea

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A subtle and easy way to mix prints

It’s starting to get REAL chilly here in Ohio. It’s making me miss the warm weather we had last weekend where I was able to shoot the look I’m sharing with you today.

SO, the look. Print mixing – some love it, some think it’s ridiculous.

If you love it, great. If you’re on the fence with creating an outfit that incorporates print mixing, I’m sharing a subtle way you can do so. Rather than print mixing the more prominent pieces of your look, print mix the less prominent pieces.

For this look, I mixed stripes and leopard prints. I layered a shirt dress [worn as a vest] over the top to play down the stripes and opted for wide leg pants to show a peek of the bootie print, but not the whole bootie. There are so many ways to subtly mix prints, like mixing a handbag and top, or a top and shoe.

Do you like mixing prints? What are your favorite prints to mix? 

Print mixing an outfit

White wide leg pant

Long vest dress

SHOP THE LOOK Print mixing outfit idea

Three Dots Sleeveless Shirtdress. • Three Dots • $36.99

Alexis Sena Top • Alexis • $172

nastygal Open-Minded Wide-Leg Pants • Nasty Gal • $44

Women’s Splendid Dante Ii Genuine Calf Hair Pointy Toe Bootie • Splendid • $167.95

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The softest clothing you can now afford

Remember back in the day in junior high when you had to beg your mom to spend buku bucks on a super soft Abercrombie hoodie? Well, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the brand has made some major changes and one of them is keeping the quality high and prices very reasonable. Now that sweater weather is in full force, Abercrombie has been one of the main places I visit to get some new knits.

I’m loving the classic look of this puff sleeve sweater. I’m all about layering, so I styled the sweater over a henley and paired it with brown pants, black patent loafers and a trench coat. You can never go wrong with the classics!

Fall layering tips

Fall outfit idea

Fall layering tips


Fall styling tips

Classic Trench Coat • Abercrombie & Fitch • $160

Puff Sleeve Sweater • Abercrombie & Fitch • $46.80

Long-Sleeve Henley • Abercrombie & Fitch • $28

Super Skinny Sateen Pants • Abercrombie & Fitch • $68

Black Patent Pointed Loafers • Missguided • $42

-Happy Styling-

*Thank you Abercrombie for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Minimalist inspired style

Hello my friends!

I’ve taken a few days off from posting to social media and my site because let’s face it, sometimes it gets exhausting. One thing I love about blogging being a side passion is that I don’t always have to be “on.”

This post is inspired by a shoot I did a few weeks ago with other Columbus bloggers. The shoot was fall themed, but I’m pretty sure it was 90 degrees that day [lol]. Can you believe it’s October and Still this warm? I like it, but don’t like it, because I love layering.

I waited until last minute to get ready for this shoot because I was just NOT in the mood to get ready and all done up. I took a page from the minimalist style book and opted for a chic black and white color combo with minimal jewelry and added a pop of color with teal slides. I didn’t want to put makeup on so I wore my favorite new sunglasses and a light pink lip gloss. Sometimes, less is more ladies – and you can STILL look chic. I had to walk to our location so unfortunately I didn’t get as fall-y as the other ladies, but needless to say their fall styles were on point!

What’s your go-to look when your too lazy to get ready?

Columbus bloggers.JPG

Bloggers from left to right: @lifestyled_blog, @dreamin.loud, @twopeasinablog, @stylebywillie,

Big shoutout to our photographer @kixils

Pajama top style

Round ray bans

Minimalist outfit


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.15.00 PM

Calvin Klein V-Neck Contrast-Trim Blouse • Calvin Klein • $27.99–39.99

Michael Michael Kors slim cropped trousers • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $97.99

Who What Wear Women’s Ava Exotic Print Slide Sandals – Who What Wear • Who What Wear • $27.99

Women’s Ray-Ban Icons 50Mm Round Metal Sunglasses – Gold/ Green • Ray-Ban • $153

Multi-Hoop Drop Earrings • Saks Fifth Avenue • $24.99

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch, 36mm • Daniel Wellington • $199

Who What Wear Women’s Ring Mini Crossbody Handbag – Who What Wear • Who What Wear • $26.99

-Happy Styling-