How to color block your outfit

If you love color as much as I do, I’m sure you sometimes come across the issue of knowing what colors do/don’t look good together – especially when you try to combine 3+ colors. Color blocking is essentially mixing a palette of solid colors that compliment each other into an outfit. Typically, each piece is a different color. The best way I accomplish this look is by generally knowing what colors look good together, trial and error or a happy accident.

For this look, I had laundry on my bed and my green blouse and yellow pant were next to each other. I thought, “Hm, that could be a good color combo.” I tried it on and it looked great. Next up were shoes. I tried on a few safe colors like black and tan, but then I tried on my coral pair and it looked great. I finished the look with a white cross body bag.

Bright outfit idea

Zara yellow pant

Photography: THEORY


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 1.40.54 PM.png

Forever 21 Boxy Pocket Shirt • Forever 21 • $14.90

Urban Renewal Remnants Linen Pin-Up Pant • Urban Renewal Vintage • $59

Ann taylor Ann Taylor Nicole Suede Block Heel Sandals • Ann Taylor • $80–128

Vince Camuto Aylif Leather Crossbody Bag • Vince Camuto • $69.97

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Spring finds for less

Hello and happy Thursday friends!

Earlier this week I stopped into the new Marshall’s store at Easton for a little retail therapy. You know when you have an idea of something you want to add to your closet and then Bam, you find it? Well, that happened to me. I’ve been on the prowl for a flowy low back tank top and bright sandal, and found exactly that in store – the best kind of surprise! I’ve also had my eye on something lavender, and found the perfect short sleeve blouse that will be great to wear to work now that it’s getting warm outside. Let’s not forget about workout attire – I love the awesome brand names I can get for a low price. I stocked up on some bright sports bras perfect for summer (and when I hopefully get a tan).

After I perused the clothing, I made my way to the home décor section. I recently moved and need to stock up on a few things. I found the perfect coffee container, fruit basket and bowls for the kitty.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something at Marshall’s! Go get your shop on Columbus 😉



3700 Easton Market – Columbus, OH 43219


Sun: 11a – 8p
Mon-Sat: 9:30a – 9:30p

Thank you Marshall’s for sponsoring this post.

2018 Wardrobe Boot Camp – What to Keep and Cull

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s how the saying goes. We’re virtually all in the same boat, although some more than others. Following certain trends is inevitable, and very few of us are immune to the appeal of the new. However, all good (or debatable) things must come to an end, and unfortunately, many of the trends we enjoyed and rocked relentlessly in 2017 didn’t make the cut.

That’s the thing about trends – they’re called trends for a reason, the reason being they’re fleeting, and as soon as something new and perhaps improved steps onto the stage, it sends the old into the land we like to call “outdated”. This is precisely why you need to sit down and set your wardrobe straight. Take the time to curate your wardrobe, see what needs to go, what can be spared for now, and which new additions are due. Let’s do this.

Whimsical vs. Meaningful

If you’ve got an entire stash of tops with whimsical prints like “shopping is my cardio” or just “donuts,” it’s time to take them out, donate or repurpose them. The printed tops are not a thing of the past, far from it, but in the era of increasing awareness on social and equality issues, meaningful prints take center stage, which makes things along the lines of “the future is female” and similar quotes appear on the runways of powerhouses like Dior. You’ll still retain a touch of whimsy but also send a strong message, which is always desired.

The future is female tee

Frilly vs. Elegant

The festive and sultry vibe of the off-the-shoulder dresses and tops was hard to resist, so you probably ended up with a plethora of playful, ruffled items of this variety. We’re sorry to have to be the ones to tell you that the look is slowly making it’s way out the door. Instead of the playful frills, adopt a more sophisticated approach in the form of asymmetrical necklines. Spotted in the collections of Altuzarra, Isabel Marant and numerous other designers, this neckline is captivating with its level of sophistication, while it still leaves just enough skin exposed for you to show your sensual side.

Ruffle off the shoulder top

Skinny vs. Chic

We’re not exactly saying you should give up on your perfect pair of skinny jeans. What we are saying is that wide leg pants, culottes and even flared jeans are not only in style, leaving the skinny cut behind, but they’re also far more flattering on a variety of body types. You can still rock your skinny ones from time to time, but it might be best to go over your collection and make some cuts – everything that doesn’t flatter and fit you perfectly should go, and cuts that allow for more movement and are more complimentary should be made a priority.

Skinny vs. chic

The age of empowerment

As we are, just now, living in the age of female empowerment, it comes as no surprise that one of the most powerful trends with the biggest staying power is the suit. Whether it’s fitted or oversized is irrelevant, as there are so many wonderful cuts. So if you already own one, make sure you keep it. Crop tops and body-hugging pencil skirts are sexy, but is there anything better than a woman who looks both polished and sexy and the same time? Didn’t think so.

Womens power suit

The end of an era

With an increasing number of designers and brands vowing to stay away from fur, it’s safe to say that for real fur, this is the end of the road. No more Gucci fur slippers and pom-poms. Now is the time to accessorize responsibly, so let go of the fur and embrace the new age of textile accessories which aren’t only environmentally responsible, but way classier. Neck scarves, head wraps and turbans will be going strong this season, and as they were popular decades ago, chances are they’ll be here for the long haul.

Womens statement earrings

Fisherman vs. French girl

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the bucket hat trend is gone. Bring out the fedoras which will never go out of style, along with all the cute and sophisticated berets that will make any French girl envious.

Women's french girl hat

Comfort vs. Style

The last trend on its way out is the extremely uncomfortable sky-high heel trend. It’s not that those high-heels will ever lose their visual appeal, and we’re definitely not telling you to throw all your pumps and stilettos away. However, with dad sneakers being one of the most popular, not to mention comfortable trends of the season, who would want to suffer in heels when such a cozy alternative is calling out to you? Hold on to your sneakers, because thanks to the continuous rise of the athleisure trend, they will be here for you for many seasons to come.

Chic comfortable outfit

Parting ways with items you’ve loved for a year, sometimes longer, is difficult, that’s certain. But after you come to understand that by letting go you’re actually making room for future greatness, that understanding makes the process a whole lot easier. Don’t be afraid, just do it. Images sourced via Pinterest.

Thank you Amy, a contributing author to High Style Life, for creating this post!

-Happy Styling-

The best high-waisted jeans

Alright ladies, we all know the problem. It’s a problem I’ve dealt with since the whole high-waisted trend came back into the mix. It’s been hard to find a flattering pair of high-waisted jeans that fit comfortably around my waist, hips and tush (no one likes the flattened butt look some high waisted styles can create). Luckily for you, I’ve found the perfect jeans for those with a smaller waist and a little more junk in the trunk/wider hips. These jeans are not only flattering, but insanely comfortable and an affordable price.

I styled my high-waisted jeans with a black sweater with sheer sleeve detail, suede moto jacket and statement pumps.

Cute spring outfit

high waisted jeans for curvy girls

Dark high waisted skinny jeans

SHOP THE JEAN Super High Rise True Skinny Jeans in 360 Stretch • Gap • $79.95


Blank NYC – Camel Suede Moto Jacket in Coffee Bean Women’s Coat • Blank NYC • $198

I.n.c. Mock-Neck Cutout Sheer-Sleeve Sweater, Created for Macy’s • INC International Concepts • $14.96–24.93

The Fix Fatina Slingback Pumps • $79

Express metallic o-ring western shoulder bag • Express • $69.90

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Best places to shop in Ohio

Did you know that Columbus, Ohio is the 3rd largest fashion capital in the U.S.? Not only that, it’s home to a lot of great local and non-local businesses you can shop at. I was raised to shop at sale racks and trips to the outlet malls always took precedent over the normal malls. As I got older, trips to outlet malls diminished as I took to online shopping. To be honest, I thought outlet malls basically had the same stuff I could get online during good sales, hence, why I haven’t been to an outlet mall in years.

Little did I know, the Tanger Outlets offer so much more than just a standard discount. Rewards points, coupon books, in-store sales etc., can get you deals that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. The best part is that if you do find a better deal, they’ll match it!

Retailer wise, I love that they have a lot of the shops I typically go to. Gap, Express, Loft, Banana Republic, American Eagle, just to name a few. There are also stores that I wouldn’t typically shop at due to price such as Coach, Michael Kors etc., but given the deals Tanger offers I feel like I can actually treat myself to those retailers!

I had the best time perusing the shops at an event Tanger hosted for me and a lot of other local bloggers. I found the most amazing throw blanket, duster cardigan and blouses.

Tanger outlet mall Columbus Ohio

Tanger outlets columbus, ohio

Tanger outlets Columbus, Ohio

Tanger outlet deals

Tanger outlets columbus, ohio

Tanger Bloggers 2018-2018 0314 Tanger Bloggers-0394 (1).jpg

Photography: Derks Works

Do you shop at outlet malls? I’d love to know! If you’re ever in Columbus, I’d definitely check out Tanger because the selection is on point.

*Thank you Tanger Outlets for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

-Happy Shopping-



How to make a cardigan sexy

Let’s face it – cardigans are super cozy. I personally haven’t been into them for awhile, but I found a picture on Pinterest of a cardigan I was obsessed with and I spent months trying to find the exact one [or something similar that was still a decent price]. I’m typically an online shopper, and right when I gave up looking for my cardi, a little boutique I went into had exactly what I was looking for. A long, neutral duster cardigan with slits, pockets and soft material. I’ve worn it probably five times already.

Now, how to add a little sexiness to that cardi. Whether it’s chunky, thin and flowy, or straight up frumpy, adding something see-through will instantly add some va-va-voom. Lace, mesh, chiffon, there are so many fabrics that can add that peek-a-boo effect.

I styled my cardi with a black lace top and light gray bralette. I love how the contrasting color of the bralette makes the lace stand out even more. A nice pair of denim, sock booties, statement accessories and a bold lip completed my look.

Cardigan outfit idea

Dressing up a cardigan

Date night outfit idea


cardigan outfit idea

Love Tree Long Knit Duster-Cardigan • Love Tree • $48

Norma Kamali Racer Tank Bodysuit • Norma Kamali • $59

PAIGE Sarah High-Rise Straight-Leg Crop Jeans with Fray Hem • Paige • $239

Nest Oxford Set of Three Gold and Wood Bangles • Nest • $150

Jeffrey Campbell Siren Bootie • Jeffrey Campbell • $124.95

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Under $100 spring jackets

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about the transition from winter to spring. I love the non-humid, crisp days where all you need is a light jacket. Speaking of jackets, they are one of my favorite layering pieces during the cooler months. Now, what type of jackets should you stock your wardrobe with this spring? You can always count on WWD to round up the latest trends, and I’ve taken those trends and translated them into stylish under $100 spring jackets. The classic anorak with an added color pop, fringe, satin, sheeny and sheer are just a few trends you’ll see this spring.


under $100 spring jackets

under $100 light jacket

Spring jackets

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Seasonal closet clean out tips

Hello friends!

We all know about spring cleaning, but do you ever clean out your junk before that? I like to do a clean out two times a year [at least with my clothes]. I do a clean out in the spring and another in the fall. Cleaning out your closet more than once a year is beneficial because you never realize how much new stuff you accumulate over only a few months. As you can see in my above photo, I don’t have the largest closet, so I’m going to share some tips and tricks for cleaning out your closet and maximizing the space you have.


Edit your closet by season

I only have clothes in my closet for specific seasons. What do I do with the not-in-season clothes? I have my bed on bed risers and store chunky sweaters, boots and coats in long, flat bins under my bed. The bed risers add that extra height I need for the bins.

Editing your closet by season makes the clean out process much easier and less overwhelming.


Start with the closet, and start getting rid of things

I typically go piece by piece and ask myself:

“Did I wear this over the last few months?” No? Bye.

“Can I wear this in fall and winter?” Yes? Okay it stays in the closet. No? It goes into a pile.”

Sometimes I have to try things on to make sure I still love the piece. If I feel “meh” when I put it on, I chuck it.


Whip out those storage bins

By now you should have a pile of unwanted clothes you’ll donate and a pile of summer clothes you’ll store.

Go through your fall/winter items and go through the same process of figuring out what you want to keep and what you want to donate.


Organize your newly edited fall/winter closet

Use shoe organizers.

I love me some shoes, so I definitely need more than just the floor. Shoe organizers are great because they add rows/height so you can store more shoes in a small space. I typically add the shoes I wear frequently to the shoe holder and everything else organize in a row on the floor. I tried the hanging shoe organizers but they just took up hanging space.

Fold sweaters and jeans.

Folding these items will save space. Sometimes you can buy cube like shelves to place in your closet so the sweater and jean stacks don’t fall over. I need to get some this season!

Be smart about your jackets/coats.

I like to keep my lightweight jackets and blazers in my closet. There’s no room for the bulky wool or down coats, so if you have a coat rack or coat closet in the house leverage that for the thicker outerwear.


Donate your unwanted pile

I only sell what I think I can make a profit off of. Everything else I like to donate. I used to only donate to Goodwill, but I’ve recently discovered another awesome way to donate. There’s a business here in Columbus called To Flourish Boutique. They accept donated clothes that they resell on their Poshmark site and donate proceeds to helping women in need.


Store the not-in-season pile

Store the not-in-season clothes by putting them in bins and storing where you have space.


 Joy Mangano 10-Pc. Huggable Hanger Set for Shirts • $8.99

Way Basics Stackable Eco Storage Cube Cubby Organizer, Natural – Formaldehyde Free – Lifetime Guarantee • Way Basics • $22.49

LYNK 20-Pair Shoe Rack • Lynk • $19.99

Household Essentials® Cedarline Cotton Canvas Under-Bed Storage Chest • Household Essentials • $24.99

-Happy Organizing-

How to master pastels this Easter

Easter is a week away and the pastels are already flooding the department stores and social feeds. Pastels aren’t colors I wear frequently because they’re not exactly in my color wheel. If you’re not completely sold on pastels like me, here are a few tips to incorporate them into your Easter outfit and your wardrobe:

°If you gravitate towards a certain color [in my case, it’s blue] try and find a piece of clothing in the pastel version of that color.

°If pastels aren’t colors you wear often, purchase a piece that can be versatile and layered. I’ve had this blazer for as long as I can remember because it’s great to wear with darker colors already in my closet. When Easter and spring comes around, I pair it with another pastel to be festive. The more versatile the piece, the less likely the piece is going to sit idle in your closet.

°My last tip is, be true to yourself. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pastel color opt for florals or the trending gingham print this Easter. Whatever makes you feel confident at the end of the day is the most important; however, try not to shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone because you never know what you may end up loving.

I styled a pastel sweater and blazer with my favorite white shorts, light gray bag and minimal nude sandals. I hope you all have a great Easter!

Light blue blazer

Vanessa Renae | How to master patels this Easter

Womens easter outfit

Womens easter outfit idea


Womens light blue blazer

Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Ruched Blazer • Lauren Conrad • $39.99

Womens lilac sweater

Y.A.S Tall Gino Pointelle Light Knitted Sweater • $53

Womens white high waisted shorts

LOVE MOSCHINO Shorts • Love Moschino • $98

Womens nude sandal
Sam & Libby Women’s Sam & Libby Pixie Mid Heel Open Slide Sandals • Sam & Libby • $29.99

Cocovann slip through leather satchel

Cocovann Handbag – $290.00

-Happy Styling-